North Country Ballet Ensemble
Costume Needs

2017 Nutcracker COSTUME NEEDS

NCBE provides most, but not all, of a dancer’s costume needs. Some items need to be purchased by you because of hygiene (tights for example), or because it would simply be too expensive for the company to have the variety of sizes and colors in stock year after year. We know it is an extra expense, but the company appreciates and thanks you for your understanding. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


Many roles need a leotard to be worn underneath the costume; this helps to keep the costumes clean and eases the dressing and underdressing process.

Any plain inexpensive leotard will do for most roles: white for soldier, pink for mouse.

Nude undergarments with a low back are needed for older dancers in Snow and Waltz Scenes and select other scenes too. These can be found at Discount Dance Supply ( IF you are in a corps role, please check with the costumers and ask whether you need a nude undergarment.


Party Girls and Friends – black character/party shoes (usually provided)

Party Boys – black ballet shoes

Party Moms – character shoes 

Party Dads – shoes provided with tuxedoes (rented)

Soldiers – costume shop may have your size of white ballet shoes, or white canvas can be purchased 

Cherubs – please check with costumers; shoes and tights are dyed to match and supplied

Reindeer – black canvas ballet shoes

Mice, Chinese, Candy Canes, Polichinelles - pink ballet shoes

Russian-boots provided

Boys; Chinese – black ballet shoes

Ballet Slippers: Pink – Black – White 

Please ask what type and color of footwear is needed. 

It is important that the slippers worn in performances are like new, clean and without holes. 

For younger girls, pink ballet slippers can be the same style and brand your dance school uses.

Older girls in Waltz and Snow who are not on pointe should have leather 

shoes with a split sole.

Younger girls and boys who are Soldiers, your white ballet shoes can be canvas, if the costumers don’t have your size.

Everyone in Polichinelles, and anyone wearing soft slippers in Snow, 

Waltz, Chinese, or Candy Canes needs ribbons sewn on their shoes.

NCBE will supply the ribbons for a small fee, but you will need to sew them on (just behind where the elastics attach – see the costumers or an older dancer for placement help)

Pointe Shoes-please make sure you purchase an adequate number of shoes for your particular role.

Tights – new or nearly new tights for performance without runs or holes please! It helps to have a spare pair. Please use the tights listed below (or pink tights that are used by your dance school) unless listed otherwise for specific roles below.

Color Size Brand and Style Item# 

Ballet Pink, White Child S/M/ I/L Capezio Stretch and Hold 14C 

Ballet Pink, White Adult S/M, L/XL Capezio Ultra Soft footed 1815 

Ballet Pink, White S/M, L/XL Capezio Ultra Soft convertible 1816

Snow and Waltz need the following mesh seamed transitional tights

Capezio adult mesh convertible seamed tight style #9 (or child sized style #9C) in classical pink.  (please make sure you are buying the darker of the two pinks - costumers have a sample)

Polichenelle and Little Waltz tights:

Body wrappers Girls Total Stretch Mesh Seamed Convertible Tights
Style # C45 in Ballet Pink, or Capezio mesh seamed transitional tights already listed under Snow and Waltz.

Boys in Chinese should wear black tights (and dark blue undershirt).

Sprites will need to supply a pair of shoes that will be dyed along with tights for their particular role. Please see the costumers for more information.

There are many different ways to order your items: 

Saratoga Dance – 55 Church Street, Saratoga Springs, NY. 518-584-8690 

Excellent customer service 

Pointe shoe fittings-you need an appointment

Open M-F 10-6, Sat 10-5, and Sunday afternoons 

Website ordering: 

Discount Dance Supply 1-800-328-7107 

(They are very stingy on their return policy. You have only 30 days from the date of their shipping to return items! Don’t delay if something does not fit correctly!) 

Breakdown of costume needs for young children by role:

Party girls and boys: Costumes provided, including party shoes for girls, pink tights needed; boys-black ballet shoes and white knee socks or tights needed.

Small Mice: Costumes provided; pink tights and canvas or leather pink ballet slippers needed-those used by your own dance school are fine, as long as they are clean and have no holes.

Soldiers: Costumes provided; White leotard, white tights, white canvas or leather shoes needed if we don’t have your size.

Grand Pas Attendants: Costumes provided; pink tights and slippers for girls, and white socks/tights and black shoes for boys needed

Cherubs: Costumes provided, including tights and canvas shoes dyed to match* shoes MAY need to be purchased if your size is not in the costume shop.

Act 2: Small Waltz need to wear ribbons sewn on their shoes-please see costumers for purchase of ribbons.